It is not our intention to impose complicated regulations on people who want to trade with us, but we do have a few sensible conditions to assist us all and we would ask that you carefully read this page and bear the contents in mind. It may also be of help to anyone viewing horses at any yard.


We reserve the right not to allow you to ride one of our horses or to request you dismount as we see fit. It is often obvious very quickly if a horse/rider combination isn’t going to work! All of our horses are open to any trial on the premises and if you wish to trial a horse, please bring your own up to standard riding hat. We may at first allow you to ride on a lunge only as we do not know your riding abilities so please don’t be offended (this particularly applies to children).

If you don’t like to be watched when trying a horse, please say so. It’s perfectly acceptable for us to allow people time on their own to assess one of our horses.

Any trial is welcome, but this must be on our premises. We do not allow our horses to be taken away on trial.


If you are a novice buyer, please bring along an experienced person with you to view the horse. It is unfair to expect us to be able to assess your riding ability after seeing you ride one of our horses for a few minutes. Your Instructor, or even a knowledgable friend would be better placed than us to be able to ascertain whether or not a particular horse is suitable for you.


We recommend that you try the horse in whatever way is important to you. It is essential that buyers satisfy themselves that the horse is exactly what they require prior to sale and instructors, advisors, trainers & vets are therefore very welcome to attend all viewings. Multiple viewings are welcome but our horses will remain on sale. If you’re returning for a second viewing, we may hand you the tack and let you get on with things on your own.


Any horse may be secured by a deposit of 10% of the selling price. No horse will be held without a deposit having been paid. Please remember that once a deposit has been paid, the horse will be removed from sale and deposits are non-refundable if you later change your mind. However, if a horse should fail the vets examination, any deposit paid will be returned in full. All horses are open to vetting however the vetting must take place prior to the horse leaving our premises.


We realise horses are not machines and things sometimes do not work out. Sales are warrantied and if for any reason the horse is unsuitable/not as described they can be returned by the new owner at their own cost for a full refund.